Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scattered And Covered Radio Show

PLAY>Gang Gang Dance - Bebey
Magma - Do The Music
OOIOO - Jesso Testa
Tic Tox - Night Boat To Cairo
Cibo Matto - Flowers
Arkansas Razorbacks Marching Band - Hey Baby
Nichelle Nichols - Ancestry
Tangela Tricoli - Jet Lady
Bjork - Enjoy
Hi-Posi - そらそれ
OOIOO -Niko Niko Niko
Stereo Total - I Love You, Oh No
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Theme From Scorpio
Adam Ant - Hello, I Love You
OOIOO -Gamel Uma Umo

PLAY>Gang Of Four - Guns Before Butter
Gang Gang Dance - Dust
Battery - Gangsta's Paradise
Nichelle Nichols - Beyond Antares
Doug Gourlay - A Little Ditty
Frank Pahl - Colombus On Guadeloupe
David Bowie - Cracked Actor
Boney M. - Sunny (Remix by Mousse T.)
Flushing Virtual - Lance
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose

PLAY>James Chance - King Heroin (live)
Psycho Le Cemu - Murderer Death Kill (alternative version)
Skanker - My Girl
Skaos - Pass It Over
Gang Gang Dance - House Jam
The Good Girls - Just Call Me
Cibo Matto - Blue Train
Reagan's Polyp - Suspect Chicken Procedures
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit
Ohio Express - Gimme Gimme
Black Randy & The Metrosquad -Barefootin' On The Wicked Picket
Robert Fripp - New York New York New York
Bjork - Army Of Me
Engine 54 - Upside Down

PLAY>Gang Gang Dance - Interlude (No Known Home)/Desert Storm
Art Of Noise featuring Tom Jones - Kiss (Aon mix)
Nichelle Nichols - Uhura's Theme
Heaven 17 - We Live So Fast
Black Randy & The Metrosquad - I Tell Lies Everyday
Farces Wanna Mo - Bite Outta My Fork
Cibo Matto - Spoon
Clay People - Jump Around
OOIOO - Gamel Kamusa
Suicide - Mr. Ray
Psycho Le Cemu - Kronos
Cokehead Hipsters - Come On Eileen