Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Donkey Kong's Birthday Radio Show

PLAY>Bill Talsma - Here Below
Fred Frith - Spring Any Day Now
Modern Jazz Quintet - Night In Tunisa
June Christy - A Night In Tunisia
Funky Porcini - Groover
Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley - Hopper
Dressy Bessy - Bubbles
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Furisodeson
Dean Martin & Julie London - Sway ( Ripoff Artist Remix)
Gert Wilden - Green Spider Theme
Cyndi Lauper - What A Thrill
Gollbetty - Egoister
DEVO - Go Monkey Go
Werner Muller - You Are My Lucky Star

PLAY>Ready For The World - Digital Display
Bernard Herrmann - Scherzo Macabre
Fantasys Core - O Game
Don Ellis - Excusion II (live)
2nd Injection - Obsolete
Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley -Sail On Solar Winds
Gap Band - I Don't Believe You Wanna Get Up And Dance (Oops!)
The Shaggs - Shaggs' Own Thing (vocal version)
Buckner & Garcia - Pac Man Fever
Britney Spears - Toxic
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Super Scooter Happy
April Stevens - Do It Again (Wagon Christ remix)

PLAY>Werner Muller - I've Got The Sun In The Morning
Greater Than One - The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines
Fred Frith - Don't Cry For Me
Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O.
Robert Maxwell - Who?
Rural War Room with Cory Stardust - Cut #8
Matching Mole - Instant Kitten
Gary Numan - Me, I Disconnect From You (live)
Fred Frith - My Enemy Is A Bad Man
Brave Combo - Zydeco Gumby Yaya
The Dinning Sisters - Brazil
Robottino - Moog Thing
Gert Wilden - Oriental Twist
Ohio Express - Lucky
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mi

PLAY>Klymaxx - Video Kid
Gollbetty - ? (cut 3)
Gaston Zirko - Dekoh
Gert Wilden - Pulp Heroes
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz
Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley -Olympus Mons
Kid 606 - When I Want A Gun, Yeah
Werner Muller - Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
Inspector Gadget TV Theme
Bernard Herrmann - The Harpies
Pac Man - Pac Man Fever
Madness - Turning Blue
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Invader, Invader

Lots of big-name birthdays this week, so we went with the digital monkey. ドンキーコング !! It is Donkey Kong's birthday!! The original Jumpman stops by + songs about animals, barrels, maidens, plumbers, video games, and 1981. Also the Roswell anniversary this week so we get a little spacey and stuff.

Facebook event for this radio show here