Thursday, June 13, 2013

Animal Cracker Radio Show

PLAY Hour 1>GANGgajang - Sounds Of Then 
Spoozys - Pets 
Aquabats - Cat With 2 Heads 
Flying Lizards - Russia 
Caspian Hat Dance - Mr L Dreams Of Fish 
Don Sebetsky - Guru-Vin 
Fuzzy Control - In Door Fu Chiken 
Tim Dawe - Little Boy Blue 
Marjorie Kingsley & Harry Roy - The Boogily Woogily Piggy 
Jay Gordon - March of The Pink Elephants 
Cyndi Lauper - He's So Unusual/Yeah Yeah 
Lene Lovich - Monkey Talk (live) 
Henhouse Five Plus Two - In The Mood 
Danny Elfman - The Passion Of Wisdom 

PLAY Hour 2>The P-47s - Hungover And Broke 
Kate Bush - The Dreaming 
Herbie hancock - Ready Or Not 
The Resdients - Bach Is Dead 
Bootsy's Rubber Band - Bootzilla 
Henri Rene - Woody Woodpecker 
Irene King with Johnny Claes & His Clay Pigeons - Watch The Birdie 
Akiko Yano - Children In Summer 
Zapp - Curiousity '93 
I Camel - Camel's Dream 
Ultimate Spinach - Dove In Hawk's Clothing 
Fraternity Of Man - Candy Striped Lion's Tails 
Hoppy Kamiyama - Waltz Of Pigeon 
Mike Melvoin - The Plastic Cow 
Guiye Frayo - Vida Minima 

PLAY Hour 3>Lord Flea - Donkey Bray 
Mae West - The Naked Ape 
De Kolderzolder Show - Muizenessenboogie 
Gene Loves Jezebel - Before Doubt 
Paavorharju - Ilmaa Virtaa 
The Residents - H.E.L.L. No! 
Phnonpenh Model - Brown Bear 
The Grid - Swamp Thing 
Miho Hatori - Barracuda 
Tom Waits - Get Behind The Mule (live) 
Curved Air - You Know 
The Turtles - Can't You Hear The Cows? 
Annette Funicello - Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy  (live) 
Agaskodo Teliverik - Blood Club 
Alice Cooper - Refrigerator Heaven 

 PLAY Hour 4>Return To Forever - Captain Senor Mouse 
Juriaan Andressen - Cycle Shift 
Zoobombs - Jumbo 
Nasa - Crusin' Persian 
Ronz Record Crew - Winner Of The Zoo 
Akiko Yano - Pipoca 
Mae West - Grizzly Bear  
? - Change The Name Of Arkansaw 
Jonathan Wintters - Elwood P. Suggins, The American Farmer 
Elvis Presley - Old MacDonald 
Foster Brooks - Chicken 
Akiko Yano - I Am A Dog 
Dexter Gordon - It's You Or No One 
Bonzo Dog Band - Ali Baba's Camel 
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Most People I Know Think I'm Crazy