Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6th Anniversary Show Log


Phnonpenh Model - Dragon's Bubbles
Zolar X - Science
Lolita #18 - Dig That Groove, Baby
Suburban Lawns - Flying Saucer Safari
Deadbeats - Let's Shoot Maria
Sammy Davis Jr. - Salt And Pepper
Frank & Nancy Sinatra - Life's A Trippy Thing
Dukes Of Stratosphere - What In The World?
Steve Vai - Yai Yai
Stereototal - We Are Dancing In A Square
Stereototal - Je T'Aime
Kosmos Soundtrack - ? (#7,8,9)
Fashion Music - Citinite
Carl Stevens - The Moon Was Yellow
Elle Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love (live)
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong - Sweet Sue, Just You
Mong Hang - Devakata

Roxy Music - The Bogus Man (live)
Normal & Mondo - It's Just Good Frequencies, Baby
Fantastic Plastic Machine - First Class '77
Talking Heads - The Great Curve
P-Model - Rocket Shoot
Esquivel - Mini-Skirt
Aster Aweke - Sebebu
Aquarium - Ashes
Magnetik - Night Train (Burning)
Oingo Boingo - Wild Sex (In The Working Class) (live)
Polysics - Tei! Tei! Tei!
Stump - Bit Part Actor

Rockets - On The Road Again
KMFDM - More & Faster
Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot-Shots - Car Radio Jerome
Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic
Sabatoge 100 - New Moon Rock
Raymond Scott - Dixie Weather
Raymond Scott - Hamm's Beer
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Mr. Fantasy's Love
Valvola - Space Tug
P-Model - REM Sleep
Elton White - Love This Black Elvis Tender
Elton White - Don't Eat On My Blue Suede Shoes
Elvis in Little Rock
Elvis Presley - Yoga Is As Yoga Does
Canned Heat (with Dr. John) - Skat

Pastor John Rydgren - The Noise
Steve Thomsen - Hour Angle
The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatry
Piero Umiliani - Caravan
Scissor Sisters - Tits On The Radio (45 rpm)
The Transistors - Kitchen
Neal Hefti - Theme From "How To Murder Your Wife" (45 rpm)
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Siroon Aghcheek
Spyder Turner - Hypnotize Me (Dub on 45 rpm)
The Spoozys - Highway-Hypnosis
Zoms Zoms - Caught On Tape
Polysics - Buggie Technica
Jun Togawa - Herikutsu Boy

Gaston Zirco - Dekoh
Visitors - Visitors
Ex-Girl - Aji Fry (Fried Horse Mackerel)
Frances Cannon, The Singing Psychic - A New Race
Doo-Rag - John Henry
The Plastics - Last Train To Clarksville
Future City - People Puzzle Remix
UA - Mama
Rev. Ivan Stang - Shameless Plug
Adam & The Ants - Beat My Guest
Black Randy And The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup
Friendly Bears - Daughter Laughter
P-Model - Enola
Borts Minorts - Human Error
Fantastic Plastic Machine (with Yasuaki Shimizu) - Allen Ginsberg
Zektor - JohnC.
The Electrosoniks - Sonik Re-Entry
Towa Tei - Shut Up
Combustible Edison - Solid State
Jonathan Richman - Egyptian Reggae
Hi-Posi - Birthday Party (Month Long Remix)
Napoleon The XIV - !aaH aaH !yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT
Mark & Roland - Baby Boom Boogie