Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sample Platter Show Log


Towa Tei - Bacucada
Madness - Return Of Los Palmas
Lum's Love Song from URUSEI YATSURA
Bill Nelson - Touch And Glow
Patrick Topaloff & Sim - You're The One That I Want
Space Negros - Cherry Pie
Ryuichi Sakamoto - War Head
M - Relax
The Rockets - Galactica
The Beverly Hillbillies Cast - Vittles
Chang Loo - Jambalaya
Liberace - Chopsticks
The Three Suns - Danny's Inferno
Grandadbob - Mmmnn
Andre Popp - Bloody Serenade

Cocteau Twins - Peppermint Pig
Yasuaki Shimizu - Hebitsukai
Kajagoogoo - Animal Instinct
Love - Alone Together Or
Paul Butterfield - You Are What You Eat
Col. Bruce Hampton - Arkansas
Satan's Pilgrims - Pilgrim Stomp
The Space Cossacks - Apes Of Wrath
Sfkuank - Lemon Tea
Rosa Luxemburg II - ?
Southern Culture On The Skids - Biscuit Eater
Bob Merrill - Nairobi (45 played at 33)
Wendy Austin & The Hothouse Tomato Boys - Midge The Maniac
Skip Heller - Something For Rahsaan That Rahsaan Said

Danielle Dax - Ostrich
Anja Garbarek - Picking Up Pieces
The Transistors - A Passenger TO Milano
Robert Maxwell - Accidental Slip On An Oriental Rug
Dizzy Gillespie - Autumn Leaves
The Three Suns - Fever
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombone
Voices from MACROSS PLUS
Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Carrier
Ryuichi Sakamoto - The End Of Europe

Psycho Cabbage - Giant Rats
The Rockets - Cosmic Feeling
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Stuff Is Fresh
Rural War Room - Fireworks Stand Atlantis (live)
Dub Narcotic & JSBX - Chicken Legs
Andre Popp - Laura Mia
Shonen Knife - Strawberry Creampuff
Happy Birthday To Me from CAT GIRL NUKU NUKU
Nina Hagen - Lucky Number
Spirit - I Got A Line On You
Michael Musburger - Noodles
Rosa Luxemburg II - ?
Punkinhead - Yellow Eyes
The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues
Guiye Prayo - El Pajaro Flecha

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