Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Flaming Yawn Show Log

Timeless Sonic Factory - Cities And Desire
Magnetik - Tripods In The Storm
Thin-P intro
Rural War Room - It's The Modern Age
The Transistors - Re-Switched On Bob
Moimir Papalscu
Rural War Room / Die Alten Maschinen - Trouble From Within
Die Alten Maschinen & Gerald V. Casale - To Be Or Not (remix 4)
The Transistors - Viva Esquivel!
Utopia Research / Rural War Room - Vertical Gardens
Magnetik - Dynamo
Rural War Room - The Void
The Transistors - Operazione Odi Et Amo

Thin-P intro
Rural War Room - Bubbling With Delight
The Transistors - Terror En El Mar Egeo
Rhema - Combine Man (remix 2)
Magnetik - Night Train (Burning)
Rural War Room - Auto Modown
The Transistors - Intro
The Transistors - Spiral Waltz
Timeless Sonic Factory - Cities And Eyes
The Transistors - Mission On Venus (Kid Loco Belleville Carnival Mix Radio Edit)
Artskool & Tomoe Shinohara - Society Without Spectacles
The Transistors - Cairoport 2000
PEVO / Rural War Room - We Like Crazy Music
Magnetik - Messer Twist

Spontaneous Combustion - And Now For Something Completely Different
John Barry 7 - Young Scene
Utopia Research - A Thousand Flowers In Bloom
Rural War Room - Turn Left At 273
Magnetik - Friday Night (The Fighting Begins)
ErMan - Supersonic Theremin
The Transistors - A Passeggio Por Milano
Rural War Room - Mechanical Man
Utopia Research - Point Of No Return
Artskool - Phonicscore
The Transistors - Experiment In Five Beats (Live At Tobacco Club)
Johnny Future - The Naked Club
Xykogen - It's The Modern C*nt