Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama's Family Show Log


Mothers Of Invention - Motherly Love
Madness - Mummy's Boy
UA - Mama
Carmel - Mama Told Me Not To Come
Carol Channing - Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
King Kurt - Mama Kurt
Roxy Music - Mother Of Pearl
Nano-Hed - Mother Yourself
Betty Hutton - His Rocking Horse Ran Away
Connie Francis - Mama
Kay Starr - You've Got To See Mamma Ev'ry Night
My Mother The Car TV Theme
Wild Tchoupitoulas - Hey Mama
Pia Zadora - Clap Clap (33 RPM)

Punk Sanderson & Reagan's Polyp - Mama Goes Ride A Cock Horse
Grandadbob - Your Mama
The Fibonaccis - Leroy
Funkadelic - Red Hot Mama
Eddie Dunstedter - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Elton & Betty White - Medley: Empty Nest / Manchild / Little Precious
Elton & Betty White - I Was Born In Dumas Arkansas
Carmen Miranda - Mama Eu Quero
The Viscounts - Short'nin' Bread
Chroma Key - Mother's Radio
The B-52s - Queen Of Las Vegas (Mesopotamia unreleased outtake)
Spice Girls - Mama
The Real Jonzes - Blues In The Night
Mothers Of Invention - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
The Police - Mother

Kate Bush - Mother Stands For Comfort
Claudio Villa - Mamma
Perez Prado - Mama Y Tata
Madness - Mrs. Hutchinson
Kay Starr - Mamma Goes Where Papa Goes
The Persuasions - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
Elton & Betty White - Menopause Mama (live in-studio version) / God's Family / My Tongue Is On Fire
Art & Diane Linkletter - Dear Mom And Dad
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Waiting For Mommie
Carol Channing - You've Got To See Mamma Ev'ry Night
Pharcyde - Ya Mama
Ouidupaa Vladimir Ouin - To My Mother
Carmel - The Drum Is Everything
Lord Kitchener - Mama This Is Ma's
Fats Waller - Hey! Stop Kissin' My Sister

King Kurt - Martian Momma
Pink Floyd - Mathilde Mother
Negativland - Mommy?
Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
Cheap Trick - Surrender
Bing Crosby - Whistler's Mother-In-Law
Cab Calloway - Make Yourself At Home
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies
Widowpaw - Becoming Your Parents
Mothers Of Invention - Mother People
Farces Wanna Mo - Third Cousined To Death
Joe E. Ross - Ma (She's Making Eyes At Me)
Papa's Culture - (Who Is) Mack Daddy Love
Them - Baby Please Don't Go
Moby Grape - Ooh Mama Ooh
Liberace - I Want My Mama
Combustible Edison - Kids Watch TV
Kay Starr - Ya Gotta Buy, Buy, Buy, For Baby

Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?
Buckethead - I Love My Parents
Cocteau Twins - For Phoebe Still A Baby
Goldie Hawn - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
The Cramps - Mad Mad Daddy (unreleased version)
Solid Eye - Among My Grandmother's Book
Johnny Cash & The Statler Brothers - Daddy Sang Bass
The Foursome - Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Gert Wilden - Little Girls
Gong - Olde Fool's Game
David Byrne - Daddy Go Down
Washington Phillips - A Mother's Last Word To Her Son
Eugene Chadbourne - Why Kids Go To School
Prince - Sister
John Simon - The Family Dog

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