Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2008 so far...


Ken Nordine-Hunger Is From
Lambert, Hendrix & Ross-Bijou
Manfried Heubler & Siegfried Schwab-Dedicated to Love
Rockets-One Day
Ani DeFranco-Shameless Bathtub Mix
J.C. Penney-He's a Penney Man
Jean Jacques Perrey-Glossipoperpetuo
Aquabats-Fight Song
Fake P-Rorschach
Kimiya-Mu Opacity
Stump-Roll The Bodies Over
Shyam Brass Band-Disco Bhangra
Mong Hang-Mesopotamia
Tokyo Jihen-?
Si Zenter-Charade
Soul Coughing-Paint
3 Little Pigs-Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (in Dutch)
Manfried Heubler & Siegfried Schwab-Kama Sutra
Pierre Moerlin's Gong-Night Illusion
Mong Hang-Mangcha
Gert Wilden-Green Spider Theme
Aquabats-Fantasma Del Mar
Tom Waits-Pasties and a G-String
Robert Farnon-Ton Up
Rusty Warren-Rusty's Back In Town
The Tammys-Egyptian Shumba
Nina Hagen-Born In Xixax
We Are Scientists-Inaction
Spoozys-Then and Now
The Revolting Cocks-Beers, Steers, & Queers
?-Vocoder Jingle
?-Hawaiian War Chant
Connie Vink & De Schellenbellen-13 Arabien & 1 Kameel
Reverend Horton Heat-Caliente
JSBX-2 Kinds a Love
Soul Coughing-Collapse


Jeff Jenkins-Saint Anne's Reel
The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name-Eohippus Strut
Cece Rich & the Fossils-Me and My Shadow
Nate vVnson-Beep Squawk '98
Temporary Power Animal-?Cut 7?
Einstein's Secret Orchestra-X-1-9
Atomic Jefferson-The Thrill of Victor
Jerry Colburn-Blue Shoes
Peter Gullerud-His Lady Friends After the Neutering
The Retards-Breath of Chang
Girls of Zaetar-Full Moon
Nerve Picnic-Sonaquarium Phase 3
Horkeskart-I'm Eating Your Plaster
John Trubee-Vicious Pygmy
Eugene Chadbourne-Sex With the Sheriff
Joe Christ-Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigs
Bill Schaeffer-Triumph of the Angels
Marc Turner-Tango Dance
Reagan's Polyp-The Abattoir of Sin
Johnny Future-The Naked Club
The Bozone-Tarpit of Your Love
Drs. 4 "Bob"-Drs. 4 "Bob" Theme
Jerry Colburn-Welcome to My World
Bob Wall-Duke's Revenge
The Retards-Neil With the Pipeline in the Conservatory
Widowpaw-Feeling for the Hole
Einstein's Secret Orchestra-In the Lair of the Termite Queen
Jerry Colburn-Monkey Rebel
Doo Rag-Can't be Satisfied
Groove handle-Brahma Bull
Nate Vinson-J. Evetts IPA
Runaway Weiner Dog-Land of happy Feet
Frarces Wanna Mo-Animal Song
Red Octopus Theater-F*% Me Long Time

KIDDO SHOW - Children's records

B. Cameron-Road Runner theme
Four Freshmen-Swinging On a Star
Yacky Doodle-Look Both Ways
Pac-Man-Pac Man's Magic Land
Mini-Moni-?hand song
Mad Magazine-It's a Gas!
Will Brandes und Die Kleine Elisabeth-Baby Twist
Sharon, Lois & Bram-Cookie Jar
Sharon, Lois & Bram-Going to Kentucky
Lawrence Welk-Bibbidi Bobbodi Boo
Fred Flintstone-Wear White
Wilma Flintstone-Look Both Ways
Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter-Aba Daba Honeymoon
Woody Woodpecker theme
Mr. T Mystery of the Mind-Thieves-Side A
Sheriff John-Laugh and Be Happy
Tammy Faye Bakker-It's Bubblin'
Joy Nichols and Benny Lee-Bouncy Bouncy Bally
Strawberry Shortcake
Bozo-Elvis on the Moon
?-A Must for Every Parent
Merry Macs-Pop! Goes the Weasel
George of the Jungle
Toby Deane and the Hummingbirds-Alice in Christmas Wonderland
Mr. T Mystery of the Mind-Thieves-Side B
Bing Crosby-Teddy Bear's Picnic
Mr. Rogers theme
Aunt Audrey-3 Little Pigs
Sharon, Lois & Bram-Land of Oz
Sharon, Lois & Bram-Loopy Loo
Pinto Colvig-Honkety Hank
Silver Burret Singers-Here I Go
Kiddle Komedy Theatre-Play Along Record
Mickey Mouse Club-Pussycat Polka
Masked Rider theme
Rocky & Bullwinkle theme
Huckleberry Hound theme
Kay Kyser-Playmates
Bad People-A Must for Every Parent
Bugs Bunny-The Carrot Kid
Mini-Moni-Mini-Moni Telephone Rin Rin Rin
Will Strake & the Mitch Miller Orch.-Clean-O
Pied Pipers-Mairzy Doats
Johnny Quest theme
Spider-Man theme
Ray Anthony-Hokey Pokey