Sunday, July 8, 2018

Movie Party! Japan's Crazy Robot Restaurant!

Play Robot Restaurant

A trip to the absolutely CRAZY Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. A fan shot video from the front row gives you an up-close look at the whole show (with a Christmas song!) Girls, drums, girls, monsters, robots, girls, flashing lights and always the unexpected await the curious visitor in this AMAZING show!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Soviet Life Today 4th of July Radio Podcast

Happy 4th! Celebrate by scrolling down 12 hours of free 4th celebrations, and buying the Russian release - Rural War Room featuring Xykogen & History Of Guns – Soviet Life EP 

PLAY≥Alisa - Experimentor
Hugo Montenegro - Lady In Cement
Strange Games - Chorovod
Cormack & Ross - Bottom On Top
Valery Leontiev - ? (#4)
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Lactic Acid
Aquarium -  Tonight
Dudley Moore - G.P.O. Tower
Open Spaces Of Russia - Curls
Ken Emerson & Bob Armstrong - Minkow Tango
Chet Atkins - Yankee Doodle Dixie
Mountain Sprout -  Cabin Fever

PLAY≥C.C.C.P. - American-Soviets
Jerry Goldsmith - No Escape
Alisa - Opening
Hampton Grease Band - Six (excerpt)
Aquarium - The Thirst
Rural War Room & Xykogen - Soviet Life Yesterday
Yeti - Interstellar Biplane
Reagan's Polyp - Your Head (ApeShit dj RMX)
Hugo Montenegro - Sugar Seymour

PLAY≥Andy Griffith - Andy And Cleopatra
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home
Alisa - Dr. Boogie
Dudley Moore - Cornfield
Strange Games - Egocentrism
John Trubee - Spanish Sunset
Rural War Room, History Of Guns & Xykogen - Soviet Life Today (The Day The Light Goes Out) (ApeShit dj RMX)
Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
Aquarium - Ashes
Hugo Montenegro - Jilly's Joint
Kino - Streetcar Heading East
Cormack & Ross - Everybody Must Get Monk
Cabbageboy - Talk Show
Jerry Goldsmith - A Bid For Freedom

PLAY≥Berlin Express - The Russians Are Coming
Reptile Palace Orchestra - Rude Oud
Valery Leontiev - Rock Rock Rock
Hampton Grease Band - Hey Old Lady / Bert's Song
Alisa - We're Together
Ken & Bob - Tiger Shark
Hugo Montenegro - The Shark
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Cuz It's Hot (live)
Mountain Sprout - Drunk & High
Strange Games - No Telephone
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross -Halloween Spooks
Alisa - Juice Squeezer
Black Randy & The Metro Squad - Trouble At The Cup
Alisa - ? (#3 new album)
Hampton Grease Band - Hendon excerpt (Major Bones)
Subject To Change - Beauty Is Made
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Topical Fireworks 4th of July Radio Podcast

PLAY≥Choppier - Ti-Na Ni-Na O
Martin Denny - Goony Birds
Tabou Combo - Chale Lanmou
Tommy Morgan - Bali Ha'i
Manuel Monestell & The Calypso Limon Legends - One Pant Man
Hilo Hattie - Hello Aloha
Derrick Harriott - Monkey Ska
Frank Hunter - Strange Echoes
Ursula 1000 - Other Side Of The Moon (remix)
Victor Lundberg - An Open Letter To My Teenage Son
Brazilian Girls - Pussy
Ixtahuele - Stone Gods Of Binimi
Lord Kitchener - Jump In The Line
Les Baxter - Jungle Jalopy

PLAY≥Yellowman - Party
Combustible Edison - One Eyed Monkey
Nona Hendrix - Skin Diver
Group Of Gods - Thunder Island
Roberto "Congoman" Watts & The Calypso Limon Legends - Rum
Dominic Frontiere - Jaguar God
Coalishun - Ice Cream
Martin Denny - Coronation
Midnight - Grunt 8
Arthur Lyman - Ringo Oiwake
Lee Scratch Perry - Roots Train No 1 (dub)

PLAY≥Hilo Hattie - Honi-Kaua
Krosfyah - Pump Me Up
Group Of Gods - Slack Baby Slack
Don Tiki - Heat (Jack Fetterman Tabuzak Mix)
Pascal Plantinga - Da T'ing He Grow (remix)
Ixtahuele - Black Sand
Niney - Blood & Fire
Robert Drasnin - Hindara
Walter Ferguson - Computer
Ray Martin - Flagwaver
Prince - Sex In The Summer
The Presidents - Aquaduct
Negativland attempt at July 4th live remote

PLAY≥Ixtahuele - Rarohengan Dance
Margareth Menezes - Ifa Um Canto Pra Subir
Combustible Edison - Breakfast At Denny's (live)
Toots & The Maytals - Time Tough
Victor Lundberg - On Censorship
The Mighty Sparrow - Sell The Pussy
Martin Denny - Happy Talk
Leo Graham - Want A Wine
Martin Denny - Firecracker
Herberth Glinton - Nowhere like Limon
Ixtahuele - Dengue Fever
Ralph Thamar - Dokte
Tommy Morgan - Taboo
Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Lion
Dominic Frontiere - House Of Dawn
Marisa Monte - Blanca Pema

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

To Space and Beyond! Radio Podcast

PLAY≥Skavoovie - Captain Future
Angelo Lavagnino - Galaxy Galore
Perrey & Kingsley - The Little Man From Mars
Rural War Room - Li'l Blooper In Bleepville
Landscape - From The Tea Rooms Of Mars...To The Hell Holes Of Uranus
Bruck Haack - National Anthem Of The Moon
Margo Guryan Band - Space Love
Rockette Morton with Zoot Horn Rollo - The Black Hole Boogie
Can - Moonshake
Rockets - Back To Your Planet
The Ventures - Out Of Limits
Double Naught Spy Car - Jupiter Sunspot
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Space Talk / I Took A Trip In The Space Shuttle

PLAY≥The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sound - Also Sprach Zarathustra
Geoff Love Orchestra - Also Sprach Zarathustra (The Star Wars) unissued single version
Danny Elfman - Pursuit
Adam Ant - Apollo 9 (Splashdown Mix)
Palette-Swap Ninja - Being From The Spaceport Of Mos Eisley
Hi-Posi - Serious Feelings
Pigeon Funk - Not Gonna
Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics - Guitar In Orbit Pt 37
Genevieve Waite - American Man On The Moon
B.Y.O.B. - Outerspacegethitang
Daphne Oran - Oramics Demonstration / Electronic Sound Patterns / Pure Tone Excerpts
Mark Mothersbaugh, The Waf, Hiroshi Iguchi, Tomoo Gokita - Multiplica Orgasmoza
Angelo Lavagnino - Space Time Paradox
Tobias Schmidt - Was The Moon Blue?
White Noise - Love Without Sound
Andre Montero - Up To Jupiter

PLAY≥Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra - Outer Space Plateau
Piero Umiliani - Gadget
Coldcut - Space Journey
Rockets - Galactica
Anthony Rother - Human Made / Destroy Them, My Robots
The Transistors - Cairoport 2000
MEV - Spacecraft
Dominic Frontiere - Nightmare
Prince Charming - Like A Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam On The View Screen
Angelo Lavagnino - Diafanoids
George Clinton - Mothership Connection / Starchild (The Second Coming)
Steve Thomsen - Moonmilk / Untitled

PLAY≥Jean Claude Risset - Mutations
White Noise - The Visitation
Dr. Fiorella Terenzi - Galactic Beats
The Moog Cookbook - Ziggy Stardust
Jaymz Bee & The Royal Jelly Orchestra - Spaceship Superstar
Einstein's Secret Orchestra - X-1-9
DEVO - Space Girl Blues (live) / Baby Talkin' Bitches (live)
P-Model - Psychoid
Barry Gray & His Spacemakers - Zero G
Magnetik - Tripods In The Storm
Ornette Coleman - Place In Space
Piero Umiliani - The Stellar Vault
Charles Mingus - Please Don't Come Back From The Moon (live) (excerpt)

                HAPPY 4TH OF JULY
                  from the RURAL WAR ROOM!!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Music Party! Oingo Boingo Live (1980)

Play Oingo Boing Live (1980)

(Audio Only)The young Oingo Boingo, fresh out of the gate and full of beans! A great soundboard recording from 1980 by KROQ in L.A., very early on while Only A Lad was being recorded. All of these songs were considered for Only A Lad and can be found in lower-quality bootlegs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Women And Children First Radio Show Podcast

PLAY≥Ex-Girl - Legend Of The Waterbreakers
Rita Hovink - Blue Blue Beat
The Mahotella Queens - Amabhongo
The Peanuts - Mothra's Song
Shandi - He's A Dream
Tatiana Ovsienko - Wedding Ring
Teena Marie - First Class Love
Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
Macho Nacho & Mouth Trumpet - ABCs Of Funny Words
Mini Moni - Ashita No Uta
Gillian Hills - Le Paradis Pour Toi
The Transistors - Teletransport
Wendy & Lisa - Rainbow Lake
Bjork - Innocence
Twink - Three Blind Mice
Carol Channing - Do It Again

PLAY≥Child's Play - Plugged Up!
Del Rubio Triplets - Boots
She - Outta Reach
Shiina Ringo - Theme From Black Orpheus
Jacqueline Taieb - 7 Heurs Du Matin
Noriko Tujiko - ?
Betty Wright - Baby Sitter
Betty Wright - Where Is The Love
The Attery Squash - The Fashion Of The Time
Dorothy Collins & Raymond Scott - Hangover Dirt / K2R Cleaner
The Beth Custer Ensemble - Wag The Puppy
Adamo - En Blue Jeans Et Blouson D'Cuir
Jun Togawa - ?
Bridget Bardot - Moi Je Joue
De Autokindercassette - De Ijzerworm
Brent Holmes & Harvey The Horse - Makin' Lemonade
Shirley & Co. - Shame, Shame, Shame

PLAY≥Ex-Girl - Lovely Umbilical Cord
Milky Way - Anataboshi
Sally Eaton - Flowers In The Air
Will Brandes & Die Klen Baby - Baby Twist
The Learning Station - Mexican Bean Bag Dance
Spice Girls - Never Give Up On The Good Times
Eileen - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
Tatiana Ovsienko - Jenskoye Happiness
Macho Nacho & Mouth Trumpet - It's Potty Time
Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood (12" version)
Karen Kamon - Manhunt
China Dolls - I'm Chinese Girl
Gwen Stephani - Harajuku Girls
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Scanty Skimpy
Twink - Grandmother Meets The Wolf
Bjork - Earth Intruders

PLAY≥Bobby Hill - Sing Along with Super Jack & Jackie
B.B.B.B. (Busy Body Baby Bear) featuring Pigeon-Toed Pete - Believe In Yourself (Nobody's Perfect) short version 
Anita Ward - Ring My Bell (45 @ 33)
The Learning Station - Bean Bag Juggle
OOIOO - Annenne Au
Nickelodeon TV's "15" Promo Megamix Pt 1
Akino Shinkai - Voices
Colleen Lovett - Birds With Broken Wings Pt 1
The Transistors - Scivola Via

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Documentary Movie Party! Scrap (2010)

Play Scrap (2010)

Scrap is a feature documentary which follows the history of two eccentric builders and their amazing structures which were both built by a single man: "The Forevertron" (pictured above) built by Tom Every and "Bishop Castle" built by Jim Bishop. The film focuses on the eccentric architects of these structures, as they are as fascinating and awe inducing as their creations.