Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Live Via Satellite Show Podcast

U.S. Telstar Satellite 1962

PLAY>The Tornadoes - Telstar
Lalo Schifrin - Mission: Impossible TV Theme
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Apache (live)
Tom Jones - Delilah (live)
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Click Clack (live)
The Cure - Temptation Two (aka LGTB)
Pere Ubu - Real World (live)
DEVO - Space Girl Blues / Baby Talkin' Bitches (live)
Nina Hagen & The Wild Romance - Herman Ist High (live)
Jimi Hendrix - Message To Love (live)
Jimi Hendrix - Day Tripper (live)
Sweet Robots Against The Machine - Hello Baby

PLAY>The Fantastic Plastics - TV Head
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Limbo
Eurythmics - Satellite Of Love
Logic System - Talk Back
Elliot & Ferguson - Barney Miller
Davie Allen & The Arrows - The Unknown (live)
Stereo Total - Push It
P-Model - Doctor Stop (live)
Raven Symone - First Day Of School
The Magic band - Hair Pie (live)
James Brown - That's Life / Kansas City (live)
Hikashu - Pike (live)
The Thompson Twins - Living In Europe (live)
Eno - Baby's On Fire (live)

PLAY>Chicken Feet vs Rural War Room vs PEVO - Ethnic Muzik For Non-Existent Cosmic Splatter Countries (live space radio mix)
Spirit - Space Child (excerpt)
Prince - Live In Paris / Sheila E. Drum Solo (live)
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Extrasensory Deception
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight? (live)
Combustible Edison - Morticia / Mudhead (live)
Soul Coughing - Casiotone Nation (live)
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Pachuco Cadaver (live)
Dennis McCarthy - Star Trek The Next Generation: Scanned / Big Guns / Unknown
Nico - Frozen Warnings (live)
Budweiser Concert Hour: The Jacksons - Don't Stop (live)
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Crosscurrent (live)
Les Yeux Noirs - Joc De Loop / Calusul (live)

PLAY>Pere Ubu - Cloud 149 (live)
Parliament/Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage / Do That Stuff (medley) (edit) (live)
Slim Gaillard - Opera In Vout (Groove Juice Symphony) (live)
Lee "Scratch" Perry - French Connection
DEVO - Pink Pussycat (live)
Rural War Room - Mechanical Man / Kum Kum In Space (live)
Pere Ubu - Humor Me (live)
Timeless Sonic Factory - The Sheltering Sky
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On? (live)
Esquivel - Esquivel Says Goodnight (live)

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Movie Party! Supervixens (1975)

Play Supervixens (1975)

One of Russ Meyer's best! Over the top titillation and adventure
in 1975's SUPERVIXENS! (Not for the squeamish!)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hour Of Slack DEVOtional, Cleveland, Ohio

                                                                       Photo by Rev Ivan Stang

Rural War Room (Saint Byron Werner, Cardinal Donavan Suitt) & Theramina (Jami Kath Harrison) perform "Blockhead" live at the annual DEVOtional at The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio

PLAY>Rural War Room on Church Of The Subgenius Hour Of Slack

This week, songs from the ten volume set Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated released by the DEVO Fanclub, plus an assortment of devolved tunes from the vault.

PLAY>DJ Faust - Completeness
Lene Lovich - Be Stiff
Josh Of Ken The Magic Corner God - Snowball
Rural War Room with Theramina - Blockhead (live)
DEVO - Pink Pussycat
Rural War Room with Die Alten Maschinen - Trouble From Within
The Fantastic Plastics - Overtime!
DEVO - Jocko Homo
The Minordian - DEVO Was Right
Rural War Room with Theramina - Coalmine Catnap (live)
Steve Martin - Let's Get Small
DEVO - Shrivel Up
Rural War Room - Auto Modown
Rhema - Soo Bawls

PLAY>Hotei - ? (#3)
PEVO - Ya! Po!
Lene Lovich - Savages
Occupant - Planet Earth
Zolar X - Torrack (Rular Of Toron)
Margoo - The Words Get Stuck In My Throat
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Spandau Ballet - Highly Restrung
Rural War Room - Exercises For Double Chin (live)
DEVO - Through Being Cool
Metronome - Zombie-Kun
Funkadelic - In Da Car

PLAY>Booji Boy - We're All DEVO
Booji Boy - The Words Get Stuck In My Throat
Nutra Speaks (New Traditionalist Man)
DEVO - Peek-A-Boo
DEVO - Theme From Dr. Detroit (Dance Mix)
Lene Lovich - Sleeping Beauty
PEVO - ? (#8)
Pink Floyd - One Of These Days (live)
Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)
Lovin' Spoonful - Nashville Cats
DEVO - It Takes A Worried Man
Charlie Organaire - Go Home
PEVO - Pink Pussycat

PLAY>Mushroom Groovy - Mystic Purple Cola
DEVO - Too Much Paranoias
Psycho Le Cemu - Planet Last Children
Cattivo - Evasione
Peter Green - Bottoms Up
Weird Aleister Crowley - Patternzzz
Rural War Room with Theramina - Popcorn (live)
Gap Band - Early In The Morning
Hotei - Poison
Tofu - Fresh
Delhi 2 Dublin - The Answer
DEVO - Mr. B's Ballroom

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rio, Robots And Records Show Podcast

PLAY>Bill Ding - When You're Vulnerable
Perrey & Kingsley - Toy Balloons
Stefano Torossi - Running Fast
Pan American Orchestra - Paradise
Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66 - Bim Bom
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Expose
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Get Carter
Cidinho & Doca - Cidade De Deus
DEVO - Mechanical Man (short film version)
Oscar Mayer Wieners Theme Song Bossa Nova
P-Model - Wire Self
Fantastic Plastic Machine - S'il Vous Plait
John McFarland Sextet - The Chimp And The Bumblebee
The Meridian Brothers - Homenaje A La Mujer Colombiana
Brian Eno - Ali Click

PLAY>Banda Swing Do Pelo - ? (#5)
Percy Faith - I Go
Kudu - Love Me In Your Language
R.Sharples - Powerdrive
Mutantes - Who's Afraid Of The Game Of Love?
Roger Ruskin Spear - Living Doll
Adam Ant - Mohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys
The Plastics - Robot (live)
Os Tchutchucos - Chapa Quente
Ricardo E Esquisito - Mulher Coca Cola
MC Mascote - Bate La Palme De Mao
Ethel Smith - Galloping Comedians
Stefano Torossi - Fearing Much
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Circumstantial Evidence
PM Dawn, Flora Purim & Airto - Non Fiction Burning

PLAY>Marco Rizo - Chopin Goes To Rio
Tom Ze - Doi
Walter Wanderley - On My Mind
Cafe Tacvba - El Aparto (live)
Percy Faith - Voodoo Moon
Orbitronik - 2000 Machine
Ruth White - Flight Of The Bumblebee
DJ Hunter A.D. - Midnight Thug
Perrey & Kingsley - One Note Samba / Spanish Flea
S D Boys - Planeta Dominado
Dennis DJ - Cerol Na Mao
MC Galo - Toma Juizo
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Global Village
Enoch Light - Rio Junction (Bossa Nova)
Eyuphuro - Love Is So Bewildering

PLAY>Duran Duran - Rio Part II (Japanese 12")
Unit 4+2 - Concrete And Clay
Les Baxter - Jungle Montuno
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Boris The Conductor
Mutantes - Desculpa, Baby
Pan American Orchestra - If Everyone Were Like You
Banda Swing Do Pelo - ? (#4)
Perrey & Kingsley - Mas Que Nada
Sergio Mendez & Brasil '66 - Mas Que Nada
Marco Rizo - One Note Samba
Stereolab & Herbie Mann - One Note Samba Medley
Walter Wanderley - Surfboard
Dennis DJ - Jonathan II
O Corrascos - Pique Ta
Ron Goodwin - Departure
Sparrow - Congo Man

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