Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sacrifice To The Easter Egg God Radio Podcast


PLAY–Primitive - Creation Of Music
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Do Do Pi Do
Silver Apples - Dancing Gods
Zammuto - Don't Be A Tool
The Inspirational Choir of the Pentecostal First-Born Church Of The Living God - Pick Me Up
Bryan & The Haggards with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Okie From Muskogee
DJ Faust - Timeless Depths
Delhi 2 Dublin - Laughing Buddha
Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Atlantis
The Bird And The Bee - Birds And The Bees
Negativland - Tevye's Dream
Yma Sumac - High Andes (Live)  
Pastor John Rydgren - The Music
OOIOO - Oizumio

PLAY–Audio Lingo Vs Joe Christ - Blood & Mutilation Scan (RWR live mix)
The Books - All Bad Ends All
New Orleans Klezmer Allstars - Tradition
Bjork - Declare Independence
The Rapture - Sister Savior (DFA Dub)
Sulfuric Acid - ? (cut #1)
Undercover - God Rules
Milky Bunny - Bunny Days
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Reverence (Mark Stent Mix)  
Yma Sumac - Goomba Boomba (Live)
Can - Halleluwah
Delhi 2 Dublin - Cabin Fever / Happy Ending

PLAY–The Bishop - God Is The Problem Here
OOIOO - Asozan
New Blood - Sweet White Trash Vibrations (RWR Live Mix) 
The Bird And The Bee - La La La
Daniel Amos - Big Time/Big Deal (Demo Version)
Mix Speaker's, Inc. - Hell Fire
Hasidic New Wave - Wedding Celebration
Sheena Ringo - On Flight JL005
Timeless Sonic Factory - Tainted Souls
The Books - Mikey Bass
Jerry Clower - The New Chandelier
Yma Sumac - Chuncho (Live)  

PLAY–Audio Lingo Vs Joe Christ - Benediction, Blood, Mutilation (RWR Live Mix)
Bryan & The Haggards with Dr. Eugene Chadbourne - Bob Wills Medley
Wild Swans - God Forbid
Delhi 2 Dublin - The AnswerA
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Nervous Xians (Live)  
Sheena Ringo - Go, Rental Car
Utopia - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring
Vinegar Boy Stage Play Main Theme
Zammuto - Hegemony
Riyu Konaka - A Funny Egg
The Bird And The Bee - My Fair Lady
Audio Lingo Vs Rural War Room - Annie Christian (Live Mix) 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

National Banana Day Bonanza USA

Celebrate this overlooked national holiday in the USA with Byron & Donavan
Yes, there are monkeys under the soundboard on this one. If you listen on headphones their contribution is obvious. Bananas & music: a winning combination. Thanks for tuning in – RWR

PLAY–Louis Jordan - Bananas 
World's End Girlfriend - Decalogue Minus 8
Stephen Perkins - Monkey In Brazil
The Instrumentalists - African Ear Bender
Pia Zadora - The Clapping Song (45 on 33rpm)  
Skip Heller - Q
Milton Banana Trio - Minha Saudade
Les Baxter - Voodoo Dreams
Growling Tiger - Motor Car Horn
Tuatara - Land Of Apples
Eurythmics - Monkey Monkey
Gene Rains - Africa
David Berger & The Sultans Of Swing - Monkey Business

PLAY–King Kurt - Banana Banana (Live)  
Jeff Beck - Tribal
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mister President
Steve Vai - The Animal
Sparks - Tarzan And Jane
TirBeCaStan - Konjo 
13th Floor Elevators - Monkey Island
Don Tiki - Axolotl
Monkey Girl Odyssey - My Monkey Girl
Mel Henke - Exotic Adventure
Tipsy - Papaya Freeway
Les Baxter - Jungle River Boat
Johnny Paycheck - Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey
Beth Sorrentino & Tomoko Kataoka Octet - See The Monkey
Cass Daley & Hoagy Carmichael - Aba Daba Honeymoon 
Levitt Ventures Ad Agency - Casper The Monkey
Let's Go Bowling - Sock Monkey March

PLAY–DEVO - Go Monkey Go!
Ego Plum - The Return Of Cannibal Chimp
Reagan's Polyp - 1-900-MONKEYBUTT  
OOIOO - In A Blooming Forest
Johnny Future - Unwritten Tome
The Time - Jungle Love
Lene Lovich - Monkey Talk
Ren & Stimpy - I'm Gonna Be A Monkey
Starlight (Unsorted) - Mao Mao
Atomic Babies - Cetch Da' Monkey (Sonology Instrumental Mix)  
Johnny Future - Bloated Hermafrophorums
Don Tiki - Primitive
Prince Charming - Spider Monkey Snuff Flicks Of Black Magic Projectioners
Martin Denny - Aku Aku
Hoagy Carmichael - The Monkey Song
Les Baxter - Congo Train

PLAY–The Specials - Monkey Man (Live) 
Ego Plum & The Ebola Music Orchestra - Death Of Cannibal Chimp
Kool & The Gang - Jungle Jazz
Don Tiki - Bwana Banana
The Dead Milkmen - Gorilla Girl
Ding Dong Devils - Jungle Doctor
Ixtahuele - Rarohengan Dance
Ren & Stimpy - Jungle Boogie / Dizzy Monkees
Zom Zoms - Yellow Rainbow
Martin Denny - Swamp Fire
Jerry Clowert - Coon Huntin' Monkey
Sid Bass - Chant Of The Jungle
Esquivel - Jungle Drums
Michael Franks - Monkey See... Monkey Do
Martin Denny - Tsetse Fly
Monkey Organ Grinder
Skip Heller - Hand To Eye (Demo)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Record Store Day Radio Podcast

Hear change agents who altered our culture. Hear Byron & Donavan change agents. Hear long cuts, two-in-a-row from an album, and rare live tracks that never gets aired... and if you scroll down, get a bonus show. 12 hours total. #RSD2019

PLAY–Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit - Introduction / Fixin' To Die / Compared To What? (live)
Bootsy Collins - Hollywood Squares / Psychoticbumpschool (live) 
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Mickey's Son And Daughter / Big Shot
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Fist Heart, Mighty Dawn Dart / Pavillions Of Sun
Gong - Squeezing Sponges Over Policemen's Heads /
Fohat Digs Holes In Space
James Chance - White Cannibal (live)

PLAY–Jeff Beck - Blast From The East / THX138
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moonlight On Vermont / Ella Guru
The Residents - Boots / Numb Erone / Guylum Bardo / Breath And Length
The B-52's - Planet Claire / Give Me Back My Man
The Move - Turkish Tram Conductor's Blues / When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
Pia Zadora & Jermaine Jackson - When The Rain Begins To Fall

PLAY–Perez Prado - Mambo Jambo / Mambo No. 8
Adam & The Ants - Scorpios / Picasso Visits The Planet Of The Apes
Kevin Ayers - The One Chance Dance / Dr. Dream Theme
Prince - Computer Blue ("Hallway Speech" Version)
Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein / Gettin' To Know You

PLAY–Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused (Medley) (live)
Shiina Ringo - Queen Of Kabuki-Cho / Remote Controller
Jimi Hendrix - Killing Floor / Hey Joe (live)
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Crazy Little Thing / Long Neck Bottles
Spirit - Mr. Skin / Space Child
The Plastics - I Am Plastic


PLAY–Magnetik - Messer Twist / Dancing On The Moon
Stump - Charlton Heston / Buffalo
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Frenzy / I Hear Voices
Slim Gaillard - The Flat Foot Floogie / Chinatown, My Chinatown
Renaldo & The Loaf - Dichotomy Rag / A Critical Dance
Talking Heads - Seen And Not Seen / Double Groove (outtake)
Todd Rundgren - Sidewalk Cafe / In And Out The Chakras We Go

PLAY–Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research Inc. Copyright / Baltimore Gas & Electric / Bufferin "Memories" / Bandito The Bongo Artist / Night And Day / Baltimore Gas & Electric "395"
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Adelic Penguins / Relâché  
Can - Outside My Door / Father Cannot Yell  
Hanne Hukkelberg - Europium Heights / IRL  
Ex-Girl - Aji Fry (Fried Horse Mackerel) / Pop Music  
Jun Togawa - Radar Man  

PLAY–James Brown - I'll Go Crazy (live) / Please, Please, Please (live)  
The Pretenders - Precious / Tattooed Love Boys  
Roxy Music - Street Life / Amazona  
Joe Satriani - Time Machine / Dweller At The Threshold  
The Beatles - A Day In The Life (Reduction Mix) ("Sugar Plum Fairy") / Mellotron Music No. 5 / This Bird Has Flown  
Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross - Hi-Fly / Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home  
The Last Poets - On The Subway  

PLAY–Frank Zappa - I Could Be A Star / Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel / Zomby Woof (live)  
Henry Mancini - Playboy's Theme / Odd Ball / Bijou
Perez Prado - La Nina Popoff  
Machito - Dragnet  
801 Band - East Of Asteroid (live) / Third Uncle (live)  
Reagan's Polyp - 54-40 Or F*ck (excerpt)  
Frank Zappa - Black Napkins  

Record Store Day 4 Bonus Hours!

PLAY–Donald Byrd - Flight Time
Oranj Symphonette - The Pink Panther Theme
Seksu Roba - Zero Gravity Miniskirt
Nobukazu Takemura - The Ring Of Steel
Nobukazu Takemura -Tadasu No Mori
Raja - Drum'n On
Lush - Searlet
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Deboraarobed
DEVO - S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) (EZ Listening Version)
Freddy Martin - The Hut-Sut Song
Cab Calloway - The Calloway Boogie
The Kirby Stone Four - The Blacksmith Blues
The G.E. Silicone Singers - We've Got A Story To Tell
The G.E. Silicone Singers -Silicone Silicone

PLAY–P-Model - Hourglass
KMFDM - Crazy Horses
The Dave Clark Five - Anyway You Want It
The Go! Team- Panther Dash
The Cosmic Jokers - The Electronic Scene
The Cosmic Jokers - Kinder Des Alls II
The Residents - Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
Kali Mutsa - Tati Bal Bal (Viento Caliente)
Boys Don't Cry - I Wanna Be A Cowboy (12" version)
Jeff Beck - Head For Backstage Pass
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (edit)

PLAY–The G.E. Silicone Singers - Paradox
The G.E. Silicone Singers - Got To Investigate the Silicone
Oranj Symphonette - Mr. Yunioshi
Bobby26 - Bazooms
Seksu Roba - Let's Fly Monster island
Seksu Roba - Velvet Star
Apollo 100 - Jazz Pizzicato
Certain Lions And Tigers - Fever
Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Nobukazu Takemura - Murmur Of The Day
Sparks - Pretending To Be Drunk (extended version)
Todd Rundgren - The Zen Archer (live)
Tomoo Gokita - Shagame
Lothar & The Hand People - Machines

PLAY–Soul Coughing - My Ass Is In The Bronx
The Zag Men - Magic And Ecstasy (live)
The Zag Men - Our Message To The Kids (live)
R. Ring - See
P-Model - Lauretian
The System - Now I Am Electric
Memphis Black - That's Me Boy
The G.E. Silicone Singers -The Answer
Kali Mutsa - Cancion De Amor Colla
The Orb - Mickey Mars
Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
Eurythmics - Heartbeat Heartbeat
Kevin Ayers - Beware Of The Dog

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Music Movie Party! Carnival in Rio 2019!

Watch Carnival in Rio 2019

Mind-blowing footage of this years Carnival celebration at the SambaDrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While still showcasing the parade of local samba school dancers and drummers, a lot of space and focus is given to the fantastic floats. Technology has come to the Carnival big time with animatronics and drones. And this goes on all night! If 33 minutes of samba is too much for you, try watching with a different soundtrack. So intense you may want to watch it in installments. Oh, and there some partial nudity involved.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The TLS Handshake Radio Podcast

PLAY–Sex Mob - Dr. Yes
Gamalon - Billy's Saloon
The Art Of Noise - Dragnet '88
Quasamodo & the Q Orchestra - Funkenstein
Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra - The Wild One
Peter Thomas - My Friend Phil
Warren Baker & The Warner Brothers Star Instrumentalists - The Stu Bailey Blues
John Barry - Cutty Sark
The Specials - Gangsters
Renaldo & The Loaf - A Convivial Ode
Gary Numan - I'm An Agent
Fila Brazillia - Billy Goat Groupies
They Might Be Giants - (She Was A) Hotel Detective
Max Steiner - Entrance Of Kong

PLAY–Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friend - You're Out Of The Computer
Hiromi - XYZ
Sex Mob - 007
The Hardkiss - Ships
Fantastic Plastics - Mr. Computer
Ana Voog - Terrified
Ready For The World - Digital Display
ECD - Direct Drive (The Ready Made All That Jazz remix)
EBN - Electronic Behavior Control System Ver. 2.0
Lolita - Heel Stud
Zapp & Roger - Computer Love
Tujiko Noriko - Shore Angel
Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding
Anja Garbarek - The Witness

PLAY–Joseph Gershenson & The Universal International Orchestra - Touch Of Evil Main Title
Alvino Rey - Russian Lullaby / Chinese Lullaby
Sex Mob - Battle At Piz Gloria
Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban - Patricia
The Art Of Noise with Duane Eddie - Peter Gunn Theme (Twangy Mix)
Luis Bacalov - Summertime Killer
Sex Mob - Teasing The Korean
Gamalon - Cabin #14
Elmer Bernstein - The Street Main Title
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - New Special Squad
Dick Dale - A Run For Life
John Barry - Watch Your Step

PLAY–Sex Mob - This Never Happened To The Other Feller
Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains - Elephant Ghost
Spandau Ballet - Communication (German 12" Version)
The Hardkiss - Who, If Not You
Perrey & Kingsley - Electronic Can Can
Max Steiner - Cryptic Shadows
The Golden State Orchestra & Singers - Goldfinger
Tujiko Noriko - Empty
Doctor Rockit - Male James Bonding
Peter Thomas - Crime Time / Thriller Me
Buddy Morrow Orchestra - Richard Diamond Main Theme
Lolita - Pants

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

J. R. "Bob" Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius

J. R "Bob" Dobbs represents for RWR

Two things stand out at 2019's South By Southwest Festival SXSW
Japan Nite & The SubGenius Cult of "Bob" 

#1 J. R. "Bob" Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius documentary feature world premiere 3/10 at The Atom Theater @ 3pm featuring RWR founder Saint Byron Werner & Rev Stang, Pope Sterno, Rev Bleepo. Other showings Tuesday 3/12 @ AFS Cinema at 9pm – Wednesday 3/13 The Zach Theater at 8pm

Get an idea of real slack from 4 hours of
The Rural War Room Church of the SubGenius Radio Show

#2 The long-awaited return of RWR favorite eX–Girl will happen on the Japan Nite Elysium stage March 15th, 2019! RWR has done many tributes to/collaborations with Japan Nite over the years. Each of these shows is a 4 hour broadcast. Just click PLAY!