Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Vinylicious Radio Podcast

PLAY–Tyrannosaurus Rex - Hot Rod Mama
Mutantes - Hey Boy
Henry Cow - Nirvana For Mice
Don Swan & His Orchestra - Hooray For Hollywood (Cha Cha)
Hikashu - The Model
The B-52's - Junebug
Värttinä - Mie Tahon Dance (live)
DJ Me DJ You - Set The Controls
Frito-Lay - The Frito Twist
Ted Heath & His Orchestra - Daddy
Billy Cotton & His Band - Skirts
Danielle Dax - Here Come The Harvest Buns
Lene Lovich & Nina Hagen - Don't Kill The Animals (Disco Version)
The Marketts - Bat Signal
7-11 - Dance The Slurp
Mary Kay Cosmetics - Gentle On My Mind

PLAY–Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cinnamon Girl (live)
Beck, Bogert, & Appice - Superstition
Them - One Two Brown Eyes
eX-Girl - The Crown Of Dr. Keroninstein
Angelo Moore - It's All Right
Muzzy Marcellino - Heap Big Chief
Pickadelic - Burn Mamacita
Dick Hyman - The Red Head
The Bobs - I Hate The Beach Boys
Sadistic Mika Band - Suki Suki Suki
Värttinä - Ukko Snow
The Blues Magoos - Life Is Just A Cher O'Bowlies
Polysics - 1.2.Da!

PLAY–Lightnin' Rod - Sport / Spoon
Michael Smartt - Legions
Mutantes - Ave Lucifer
Ozric Tentacles - Mysticum Arabicola
William Coultier - Baby Elephant Walk
Holy Modal Rounders - Romping Through The Swamp
Luis Oliviero & His Bandodalua Boys - Chihuahua
Alvino Rey & His Orchestra - After You've Gone
Ted Heath - Mood Indigo
American Standard - My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place / Look At This Tub
Ween - Poop Ship Destroyer
The BBC Dance Orchestra - Mickey's Son & Daughter
The Future Sound Of London - Snake Hips (Mustard Mix)

PLAY–Snakefinger - Kill The Great Raven / Jesus Was A Leprechaun
Them - The Story Of Them (Pts 1 & 2)
Pigeon Funk - Dur Et Sec
To Rococo Rot & I-Sound - Pantone
Kohichi Makigami - Oo Brenneri
Mel C - Go!
UCA Camp Mix 98 Band - Spice Up Your Life
Spice Girls - Take Me Home
Akiko Yano - The Girl Of Integrity
y-Zio - Salsa With Mesquite
eX-Girl - Señor Ginger
Retro-Spec - Fruitopian State


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sound Sync Residue Radio Podcast

PLAY–Värttinä - Pihi Meito (live)
Ozric Tentacles - Yog-Bar-Og
Kome Kome Club - Kung-Fu Lady
Sandra Barry - Stop! Thief
Sounds Orchestral - Mr. Oddjob
Gert Wilden Orchestra - Schulmädchen Report Title Theme
Anja Garbarek - You
Dim Dim - El Bombo Atomico (Pizza Del Sol Mix)  
Sheena Ringo - Creamy Season
The Sweetcorn - Sunshine Follows The Rain
Andy Partridge - Apples And Oranges
Donald Byrd - The Slop Jar Blues

PLAY–Okra Playground - The Three Beauties
People Like Us - Reverse Cowgirl (Preserved Cowgirl Mix)  
World's End Girlfriend - Virgin Babylon
Wire - Two People In A Room
Värttinä - Handle (live)  
Julius Papp presents Lazy Daze - Arabian Eyes
Danny Elfman - Making Monsters
Nina Simone - Ain't Got No / I Got Life  (live)  
Anja Garbarek - Cover You
Matmos - Exciter Lamp & The Variable Band
Sa Dingding - Flickering With Blossoms
Mystery School Ensemble - Transistions
Sounds Orchestral - The James Bond Theme
Polysics - Tei! Tei! Tei!

PLAY–Värttinä - Aijö
Coldcut - What's That Noise?
Kome Kome Club - Big War
Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy
The Rhythmic Troubadours - Ali Baba's Camel
Walter Roland - Jookit Jookit
The Savoy Havana Band - Masculine Women And Feminine Men
Altered Images - Pinky Blue
Sheena Ringo - A Double Suicide
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (And The Jam Is Pumpin') (Terry Dome Mix)
Anja Garbarek - Velkommen Inn
dZihan & Kamien - Dundadeova
Sounds Orchestral - Thunderball
Tasha Broadway - I Do, I Do 

PLAY–Whispering Jack Smith - All By Yourself In The Moonlight
Ray Stevens - The Woogie Boogie
Tuuletar - Blaze
World Standard - Papaya Freeway (Cowboy Mix)  
Andy Partridge - Humanoid Boogie
PEVO - Roti Art
Värttinä - Out Of My Country
Olivia Newton-John - Heart Attack
Sheena Ringo - The Famous Cat Thief
Living Color - Wall
Kome Kome Club - Magnitude
Yasuyuki Okamura - Burning Down The House
Sounds Orchestral - 007 Theme
Flasbar - Suez Motel


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Burger Day Radio Show Podcast

Our own creation "The Rural Burger" for face-cramming

George Clinton - Do Fries Come With That Shake!?
? - Kolomyika Classic
David Berger & The Sultans Of Swing - Stompin' On A Riff
Don Catelli - The Breeze And I
Satan's Pilgrims - Action Plus
The Surfmen - Hano Hano
7-Up Lounge Ad
Django Reinhardt & The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France - Blues Clair
Warner Williams & Eddie Pennington - Hey Bartender, There's A Big Bug In My Beer (Live)
The Rutles  - Cheese And Onions
Pete Ruggolo - I'm Always Chasing Butterflies
The Ventures - Ram Bunk Shush
Mothercoat - Nipple Cider
Look Listen & Learn - Tomatoes
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Now's The Time
The Halibuts - Flyswatter
Fanfare Ciocarlia - I Am Your Gummy Bear

PLAY–Skavoovie & The Epitones - Sharp Teeth
Jack "Bongo" Burger - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Kahil El'Zabar & David Murray - Sweet Meat
Family - Take Your Partners
The Mothers Of Invention - The Legend Of The Golden Arches
? - Himn Politsaya
Geri Halliwell - Bag It Up
Micheal Manring - You Offered Only Parabolas
Colin Newman - Order For Order
Dick Braun - A Clarinet On The Trail Of A Wounded Bassoon
Teddy & Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
Mothercoat - Fake A Fake
Raymond Scott & Dorothy Collins - Lucky Strike Ad
Raymond Scott - Filter Tipped Tareyton Ad

PLAY–Todd Rundgren - Boogies (Hamburger Hell)
DEVO - Too Much Paranoias (Live)
Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - Mrak Kolo
Southern Culture On The Skids - Biscuit Eater
Jump With Joey - Fried Neck Bones And Some Homefries
Dynamite Singletary - Super Good
Family - Crinkly Grin
Can - Mushroom
Jack "Bongo" Burger - Jordu
Fuse One - Hot Fire
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Frying Pan
Pete Ruggolo - Richard Diamond's Blues
McDonalds $1,000,000 Giveaway Flexi-Disc

PLAY–Jack "Bongo" Burger - Mambo Burger
Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics - Sparkin'
? - Nakalatav
Fun Size - Pickle
Lolita - It Turned Out (Varda & DJ Mazai Funky Remix)
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Soundtrack - Tomato Stomp
Dick Braun - Hostility
David Berger & The Sultans Of Swing - No Refill
The Surfmen - Jungle Romance
Combustible Edison - Male Bonding / Torchy
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Suita A La Ciobanas
The Partridge Family - Together (Havin' A Ball)
Pete Ruggolo - Does Mama Know You're Out?
Die Alten Maschinen - Nickle In A Pickle (Suitt's Burger Mix)
? - Moonshine

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RWR Radio Show Page

Friday, May 24, 2019

They Be Dead Radio Podcast

The Memorial Day Show - They Be Dead
PLAY–Bruce Haack - Song Of The Death Machine 
Yma Sumac - Goomba Boomba 
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven 
Hide - Limit Burst 
Death In Vegas - Dirt 
Woody Herman - Jamaica Rhumba 
Tommy Dorsey - Hollywood Hat 
The Captivators - Stiff Lace & Charcoal  (D.M.A.T....D.M.A.T....D.M.A.T.) 
Dead On Arrival - Run Hide Get Away
Jefferson Saucer - Have You Seen The Saucers
The Beatles - Strawberry Fields (demo take 6)
Esquivel - Those Groovy Kids Today / Uptight (live)
James Brown - Think (live)
Lucia Pamela - I've Got A Song

PLAY–Prince - When 2 R In Love (Starfish And Coffee / Raspberry Beret / Condition Of The Heart / Strange Relationship) (live)
Frank Zappa - Black Napkins
The Cramps - The Nest Of The Cuckoo Bird
T.C. & The Eddies - Crazy Crazy
Ramones - I Don't Care (demo)
Perez Prado - San Remo
Les Brown & His Orchestra - Procession Of The Sardar
The Instrumentalists - African Ear Bender
Slim Gaillard - Bongo
Hugo Montenegro - Theme From I Spy
The Jackson 5 - ABC (Salaam Remi Krunk-a-delic Party Mix)
Hide - Psyence
Casey Kasem - The Hard Ride
Yma Sumac - Bo Mambo
Omo The Hobo - Police Officer
Lucia Pamela - You And Your Big Ideas

PLAY–Michiru Ohshima - Earth's Greatest Deathmatch
Don Ellis - Indian Lady
Klaus Nomi - Ding Dong
Esquivel - Chihuahua / America (live)
Red Ingle with Karen Tedder - "A" You're A Dopey Girl
Raymond Scott and his Orchestra - The Bull Fighter And His Piccolo
David Bowie - Holy Holy
Hide - Dice
Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun (live)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Fallin' Ditch
Don Van Vliet - Fallin' Ditch
Elvis Presley - Cotton Candy Land
Woody Herman - The Crickets

PLAY–Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (The Dust Monkey's Love Bubble Mix)
Perez Prado - Perfidia
Fiddlin' Doc Roberts - Old Buzzard
Yma Sumac - Taki Rari
Edwin Starr - War (King Britt Remix)
T.C. & The Eddies - Move Like A Horse
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (Extended Version)
Gong - Radio Gnome Invisible (live)
Liberace - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Hugo Montenegro - Our Man Flint
Alan Thicke - In The Thicke Of The Night
Jefferson Saucer - Mexico
More memorials for fans of the dead!

The PRINCE Memorial Show

PLAY–Negativland - A Special Opening / Sex Dirt (Prince Is Dead Mix)
Prince - Sexuality (Doubledrag Mix)
Mandrill - Git It All
Prince & Sheena Easton - U Got The Look
94 East featuring Prince - If You See Me
Funkadelic - Electro-Cuties
Prince - Gotta Stop (Messin' About)
Ohio Players - Who'd She Coo?
Prince & The Revolution - Girls And Boys (Lashing Remix)
Prince - Do Me, Baby (Live)

PLAY–Prince - Head / Lets Work (Porno Mix)
Betty Davis - Come Take Me
Prince - The Rest Of My Life
Prince - It's About That Walk
The Bar-Kays - Boogie Body Land
Negativland - The Smile You Can't Hide
Negativland - Drink It Up
Prince - The Quest Of U
Funkadelic - Nappy Dugout
Prince & The Revolution -Little Red Corvette (live)
Prince & The Revolution -Irrestible Bitch (live)
Mandre - Third World Calling (Opus II)

PLAY–Prince & The Revolution - D.M.S.R.C.B. (D'van Radio Mix)
Funkadelic - Eulogy And Light
Prince - Let's Go Crazy
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Prince - Dirty Mind (Dove Remix)
Prince - Still Would Stand All Time (live)
The Supremes - Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
Negativland - Sex Dirt Part 2
Prince & The Revolution -17 Days
Lightning Rod - Spoon
Prince & The Revolution -She's Always In My Hair
Funkadelic - Stuffs & Things

PLAY–Prince & The New Power Generation - Freaks On This Side
Betty Davis - Game Is My Middle Name
A.F.K.A. Prince - Dig U Better Dead
Funkadelic - What Is Soul...
Prince & The Revolution - New Position (D'van Remix)
Wendy & Lisa - I Wonder U
Funkadelic - Some More
Prince & The New Power Generation - People Get Ready / The Jam (Prince Is Dead)
Mandre - Money (That's What I Want)
Prince - Just My Imagination (Live)
Ohio Players - Fopp

PLAY–Prince - Let's Pretend We're Married (Heat Monger Mix)
Heatwave - Lettin' It Loose
Prince & George Clinton - We Can Funk
Funkadelic - Funk Gets Stronger (Part One)
Prince & The Revolution - Sometimes It Snows In April
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The 2016 Year End Memorial Show

PLAY–Wham! - Young Guns (Go For It) (12" Mix) 
Jean Jacques Perrey - Cat In The Night
Jim Lowe - Green Door
Kay Starr - I've Got The World On A String
Cassius Clay - Stand By Me
Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
David Bowie - All Saints
Patrick Cowley - Megatron '87
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Canario
Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians - Tomi Tomi
Status Quo - Ice In The Sun
The Bird And The Bee - Because
Earth, Wind and Fire - Serpentine Fire
Jean Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman - Pizzicato Samba
Mr. Ed Theme Song

PLAY–Dimitri From Paris - Prologue / Sacre Francais
George Michael - I Want Your Sex (Long Version)
Paris Combo - Traits De Caractere
Sir George Martin - She Loves You
Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Girl
Dead Or Alive - It's Been Hours Now
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation
Leonard Cohen - First We'll Take Manhattan
Hess Is More - Love Me Do
Negativland - Happy Hero
Duke Ellington - Diga Diga Doo
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Theme Song

PLAY–Prince - D.M.S.R. Computer Blue Megamix*
Lovin' Spoonful - Jug Band Music
Abe Vigoda - I Got Rhythm (live)
Elliot & Ferguson - The Barney Miller Theme Song
Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra - Peckin'
The Facts Of Life Theme Song
One Day At A Time Theme Song
Alan Thicke - Sweaty And Hot
Jefferson Saucer - Mexico
The Arnold Palmers - Arnold Palmer
Natalie Cole - If You Can't Sing It, You'll Hve To Swing It (Mr. Paganini) (Live)
Kay Starr - Singing The Blues
Brady Bunch Theme Song
Ann B. Davis Intro
Florence Henderson - Masquerade
Dimitri From Paris - Le Moogy Reggae
Nancy & Ronald Reagan - White House Address

PLAY–Jean Jacques Perrey - Soul City
Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasha Band - Muhammad Ali, The Black Superman
Lovin' Spoonful - Six O'Clock
David Bowie - Fill Your Heart
The Firesign Theatre - Young Guy, Motor Detective
Greg Lake - 21st Century Schizoid Man (live)
Paris Combo - Attraction
Dean Martin Introduction
Foster Brooks Roasts Dan Haggerty
Bill Curtis - John Glenn Profile
KC & The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man
Prince - Head / Let's Work Megamix*
Remixed by Donavan Suitt

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Pete Burns Zombie Funeral Costume Party Show HERE
Gettin' Star Wars Stooopid Show HERE

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Victorious Secret Radio Podcast

PLAY–Okra Playground - Roaring Drunkard
The Sugarcubes - Birthday (Icelandic Version) 
Sa Dingding - Lagu Lagu (self created language) 
Nina Hagen - Cosma Shiva
Sheena Ringo - Slendid Counterattack
Nita Rossi - Something To Give
Lolita - On Scotch Tape
Shampoo - Trouble
Mummy The Peepshow - Do Not Be So Stupid
The Paper Dolls - Something Here In My Heart (Keeps A Tellin Me No)
The Hardkiss - Forever More
Petula Clark - Gotta Tell The World
Tuuletar - Okay Collect
Menopause, The Musical cast - Good Vibrations / New Attitude

PLAY–Hanne Hukkelberg - Displaced
Peggy Lee - My Last Affair
Akiko Yano - Umi No Shunen
Patti Labelle - Body Language
Onuka - Who
Nona Hendrix - Tears
The Hardkiss - Hi / Lovers
Hi-Posi - Hi-Posi Meets The Ape
Sheena Ringo - Life Is Full Of Dreams
Virago - The New Day, The Mountain, The Sun, And The Shade
Anzhelika Varum - You Did Not Ask
Tiger - Hit The Floor

PLAY–Hanne Hukkelberg - Raindrops
Kudu - Back For More (Hess Is More vs Jenno Remix)
Yma Sumac - The Hot Rooster
Tina Tott - Take Away The Emptiness Too
Lene Lovich - Say When
Edie Brikell & New Bohemians - Beat The Time
Olya Polyakova - Bikini Bottoms
Electrocute - I Need A Freak
Anja Garbarek - Heavy Forms
Cocteau Twins - Whales Tales
Okra Playground - Nine Moons
Scarlet Rivera - Scarlet Fever
Anzhelika Varum - No Response, No Welcome
Menopause, The Musical cast - Stayin' Awake / Night Sweatin'

PLAY–Sheena Ringo - The Wish Of Love
Geri Halliwell - Look At Me
Akiko Yano - Rose Garden
Bette Midler - Mr. Rockefeller
Lolita - Expect
Love Psychedelico - Lady Madonna - Yuuutunaru Spider
Mummy The Peepshow - Annie
Danielle Birsebois - Gimme Little Sign
Akiko Yano - Drop Me A Line
Wendy & Lisa - Skeleton Key

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Compact-0 1-2-3 Radio Podcast

The digital music disc is back! All CDs this week! 

PLAY–Bireli Lagrene - Jackrabbit
Chaos Orchestra - Yoh!
The Chazz Cats - Swing, Brother, Swing
Miho Miho Makato - Gone The Rainbow
Oingo Boingo - Sweat
Thoth - The Herma, Scene 5: Recitation / An 
Jeff Beck - Earthquake
Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise V1.0   
Africa Hitech - Our Luv 
Talk Talk - Dum Dum Girl (Spice Remix)   
Hopper, Stewart, Jakszyk & Brooks - As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still 
Sound 8 Orchestra - Rasenmaher 

PLAY–Okra Playground - Juoruaja 
Robert Fripp - Breathless (3rd session version)   
Phil Manzanera - The Sound Of Blue
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
Henry Mancini - Lujon
Tipsy - Reverse Cowgirl
Split Lip Rayfield - Strong
Negativland - Grandma DEVO / Dreams About Fire / Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Stupid Idiots (Over The Edge version)
DEVO - Message Of Hope
Speed Caravan - Daddy Lolo (Sidestepper Remix)
Mean Green - Get It While It's Hot / Instrumental/Karoke Version (edit) 
Tuuls - Bogd Dunjingaras
C.W. McCall - Crispy Critters

PLAY–Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Shanghai Dream Man
Sawtooth Renegade - Potato Bug Under The Rug
Oingo Boingo - Return Of The Dead Man 2
Grace Jones - Living My Life (7" version)
Roger Ruskin Spear - Pinball Wizard
Depeche Mode - Master And Servant
Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Boys - Jumptown
The Transistors - Brillo Box / Bollywood Party
Sun Ra & his Arkestra - Somewhere In Space
Funkadelic - Snot n' Booger
Jeff Beck - Loose Cannon
Ken Nordine - Hunger Is From...

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Movie Party! Cosmic Slop (1994)

Play Cosmic Slop (1994)

In honor of the new Jordan Peele Twilight Zone reboot, we present for your consideration this anthology originally aired on HBO in 1994. Hosted by the Amazing George Clinton, COSMIC SLOP gives you 3 Twilight Zone like stories in a short-lived science fiction anthology series. Surprisingly good for a relatively unknown show.

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